Jonathan- 07/10/2016

“Kim had everything we were looking for and more for our both our engagement photos and wedding day! She selflessly volunteered to drive to Madison to take our engagement photos in the city we love. While the wedding weather was not perfect, she used her creativity and ingenuity to create beautiful memories for us. She also was fantastic at wrangling our large wedding party, finding beautiful places for pictures, and a fun atmosphere the entire time. When you choose Kim, you are choosing much more than “just a photographer”- you are getting a fantastic experience and, as we have found, you get a new friend!”

Lauren- 07/09/2017

“Kim is simply the best! Her photography is breathtaking and she has an amazing ability to take an ordinary place and make it stunning. Kim knows exactly what she wants everyone to do and is able to get stunning pictures efficiently, leaving time to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day! When hiring a photographer, it was important to us that they feel like a friend, after all, they will be spending close to the whole day with you! Kim is easy to talk to, funny, and just a joy to be around. She truly felt like one of the girls! Hiring Kim to document our special day was the best decision we made!!”

Brittany 11/18/2016

I found Resler Photography here on WeddingWire and thought it was too good to be true. From the moment we met Kim, we knew she was our photographer…we didn’t even meet with anyone else! The day of our engagement session (January) was raining and I was discouraged. Kim offered to reschedule or stick to it and promised it would work. We showed up with no idea what to do and Kim took it from there. She posed us, made us laugh, and made us have a blast. Our engagement pictures were INCREDIBLE and we got so many compliments on them. Kim is so laid back and easy to work with. We talked the week of our wedding, and again, we had no idea what we needed or wanted. Kim showed up on our wedding and instantly went to work. It felt like she was a friend in my bridal party! She helped corral the guys and even ran things back and forth between us. She breezed through our pictures and made sure we were always top of mind. We couldn’t imagine working with anyone else for our wedding pictures and we already know Kim will be “our photographer” for life and recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, youthful, amazing photographer!

Abby 10/21/2016

I found out about Kim through mutual friends in high school. Over the years, I’ve watched numerous friends get engaged, married, and have kids and Kim was always the one to capture these special moments. It was never a surprise to me, because every picture she takes is well thought out and absolutely beautiful. When I had first contacted Kim a little less than a year before the wedding, I remember having my calendar out with a bunch of possible wedding dates circled. We had a venue, and I knew that had to have Kim as our photographer. When she told me when she was available I finalized our wedding date that same day. For our engagement pictures, Kim planned her Arizona vacation around our pictures (we moved to Arizona after college) so that we could take our pictures there instead of flying back to Wisconsin. I will never forget how nervous I was that day before we met with her. It was my first time actually meeting Kim, and I was worried that we would have to know exactly how to pose for every picture. Within seconds of meeting Kim, she took every worry I ever had about that day away. She was so down to earth, friendly, funny, and kind. She made the experience so fun and enjoyable. Our pictures were absolutely breathtaking. I had friends and family who were constantly asking who took them. On our wedding day, I was so relieved to know that Kim was going to be there. We had a few hectic/stressful moments, but Kim knew exactly what to do and say to make sure that everything ran smoothly. She went above and beyond, helping me with my makeup, driving me to the church to make sure I wasn’t late, and she also made sure that I had something to eat beforehand. Kim is more than a photographer, she is a friend. An amazing friend who will do anything in her power to make sure every moment is absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for more than just a photographer, Kim is it. She is an absolute sweetheart and the complete package. I cannot wait to work with her again!! 🙂


Chris 08/27/2016

I am in the wedding buisness myself it took a lot of searching to find the perfect photographer for my wedding. I did not know Kim personally before finding her thru wedding wire and now we have become great friends! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and our engagement photos turned out stunning and the sneak peaks we have gotten from our wedding was even better! Kim is an amazing photographer and and amazing friend! She works with you every step of the way on the day of your wedding, I highly recommend Kim, not only will you get absolutely beautiful and stunning photos but I am almost certain you will walk away with a new friend!


Kelsey 08/05/2016

“A camera is a save button for the minds eye.” Going into our big day we knew we wanted to invest into an amazing photographer and finding Kimberly Resler was the biggest blessing. Kimberly is an upbeat, funny, kind, and functional individual. She is outstanding at communication and a creative photographer. She makes you feel comfortable and guides you through your photos so that they turn out to perfection. She took the lead at our wedding and told everyone what to do. This took the pressure off of us and made pictures so enjoyable. In addition, the pictures she took were outstanding to say the least. She went above and beyond to capture memorable moments at the wedding. Moments we wouldn’t even think to capture. Looking back at all the photos we are overwhelmed with happy tears. We will treasure these photos for the rest of our lives. Going through them brings back step- by- step the best day of our lives. Kimberly is worth every penny and so much more. Don’t skimp on your photos and hire a cheap photographer to save money. You will be disappointed when you look back, especially with how fast the day goes. We recommend the largest package as it was what we did. Lastly, Kimberly is now more than a photographer to us, she has become our friend.


Gretchen 06/04/2016

Where to begin? When my fiancé and I got engaged in August of 2015, we began our search for a great photographer. Great photos were important to us and with only one chance to capture this special moment in our lives, we felt a lot of pressure! As we began our search, we were overwhelmed with the number of photographers in our area. But only one truly stood out. From the moment we began our correspondence with Kimberly, we knew she was “the one.” She answered every question we could possibly think of, all while not making us feel like “newbies.” When the day finally came to take our engagement photos, the weather was not exactly in our favor. The wind was crazy! I was concerned about whether or not our photos would turn out. Throughout the session, Kimberly eased our minds again, making us laugh and truly enjoy the experience. We never thought we would have FUN while taking pictures, but we did! When it came time to incorporate our favorite boy, Hank (our 2 year old Aussiedoodle), Kimberly was so patient and sweet! Having Hank in our photos was very important to us. Kimberly was so good with our baby, even playing fetch with him to get just the right shot! We were on cloud nine after our engagement session, to the point that I think we even forgot about the actual photos! When our photo CD did arrive, we were speechless. Not only did Kimberly give us far more photos than we had expected or “paid for,” but they were outstanding! There were photos that we had posed for and expected but also so many sweet, candid moments that she snuck and captured along the way. When we received our engagement photos, we immediately booked Kimberly to do our wedding photos. There wasn’t a single doubt in our minds that she had to be there…and she was. And we know that for every milestone in our future, she’ll be there too. We are so grateful to have Kimberly in our lives, to capture our special moments, to treasure forever. THANK YOU, Kimberly, from the bottom of our hearts!


Lindsay 12/31/2016

We could not have asked for a better photographer or a better experience! From the moment we met Kimberly at our engagment shoot we knew we were going to love working with her. She is so nice and friendly and of course always professional and great at keeping the experience fun! She is easy to contact and very responsive. Our bridal party was huge! we had over 20 people and she was able to keep everyone on track and get all of our photos done before the ceremony. She even kept me calm and helped hold my dress through the lobby:-) (It was also huge). If you are looking for a photographer that you can count on and be your true self with then look no further! Resler Photography is the way to go! Not only did I leave my wedding with beautiful photos and an amazing photographer to recommend, I also feel like I left with a new friend:-)