Hello and congratulations on your newest adventure!

My name is Kimberly and I’m the “girl behind the lens.” I started my own crazy adventure into photography fifteen years ago and ventured on my own about eleven years ago. It has been the greatest ride and experience of my life! 

I love my clients and I love what I do. I never take for granted the opportunity to capture so many incredible moments in so many wonderful lives. Photography is not my job, it is my life. I work hard to ensure that all of my clients enjoy their special days and often don't even notice that I am around. Unless of course, I get pulled in to enjoy the fun and really capture some candid shots! 

I have a lot of clients that are concerned that they will not be comfortable in front of the camera. Do not worry! After the first few pictures and casual conversation, you will soon forget you're even taking pictures....I promise!

I do my best to get to know all of my clients. We can talk several times before your event or even grab a cup of coffee to discuss details. I want you to feel comfortable and confident when your days arrives!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Email me soon to set up a time to get together. I look forward to meeting and capturing your next great adventure!

xoxo Kim