A look back at 2020

I’ll start off by saying that I never could have imagined the obstacles, stressors, and heartache that this year would hold. I’m sure most everyone would agree! What this unpredictable moment in time has taught me is that life does go on, and love, faith, and hope are more powerful than even I once knew. To all of my sweet couples, I know that this was not what your planners had sketched in for you, but I am so amazed at how you all carried yourselves and made the best of it. For some of you, it meant picking a different date in the futur while others held a completely different and last minute ceremony with their closest loved ones, and others stuck it out and went through with the original plan. I got to really witness some of the most candid and deeply moving moments. If there is one thing I am taking from this season, it is that L O V E wins every time! I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for trusting me to stand right next to you and document your stories.

Here is a look back to this unforgettable year of 2020! Cheers to peace and love for this next chapter!

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